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Flexibility even without your own car – the shuttle service to the Highfield Festival

Whether you want to use it to get to the festival grounds quickly and comfortably after arriving by train, or if you have forgotten some important camping equipment and need to pop into the centre of Leipzig, or whether you just like riding buses – our shuttle bus is back again this year!

Tickets for the environmentally-friendly alternative to your own car can be purchased from the staff of our shuttle partner EuroTouring, directly at the bus stops at Leipzig Central Station and the Highfield car park. For only 7 € you can travel as often as you like, all weekend.

The exact schedule can be downloaded here just before the festival.



Arriving with public transport is cheap, environmentally-friendly, and less stressful. So why not leave your car at home?! You will certainly avoid traffic congestion if you arrive by train. There will once again be a shuttle bus from Leipzig Central Station. The shuttle bus leaves from the large bus station between Sachsenseite and Brandenburger Straße.

Regional and group offers can be found at


Valid within one week for local transport from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. on the following day, and all day at weekends in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. The ticket is valid for a group of up to five persons and costs 25 Euro plus 7 Euro for each additional traveller (prices online or at the ticket machines).

More information on the Sachsen-Ticket.


Valid for one day throughout Germany in all regional trains (RB, RE, IRE) and S-Bahn of DB and of other participating railway companies in 2nd Class, as many journeys as you like with just one ticket: get off, change trains and continue travelling as far and as often as you want. Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. on the following day, from midnight on official federal weekday holidays. One person pays 44 Euro, each additional passenger only 8 Euro, (max. 4 additional passengers) (prices online or at the ticket machine)

More information on the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket.




Many things have changed about the festival, so please read the instructions for getting there very carefully and please follow them! The shortest route is not always the quickest!

Follow the festival signs in order be able to relax and avoid traffic congestion. Your navigation device will not help you. Switch it off and follow the signs.


From the south, take the A 9 and A 38 to Exit 32 Leipzig Süd Ost / Großpösna and follow the signs.

From the west, take the A 38 and follow it until Exit 32 Leipzig Süd Ost / Großpösna. Follow the festival signs from there.

From the southeast, take the A14 until Exit 29 Naunhof. Then take the S 43 via Naunhof towards Großpösna/Therna. At the junction to the S 38, turn left towards Therna. Turn right in Therna towards Belgershain and continue towards Ölzschau. Then simply follow the festival signs.

From the north/northeast, take the A 9. At the Schkeuditzer junction change to the A 14 until the Parthenaue junction, follow the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32). Follow the B2/95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the festival signs.

From the northwest, take the A 14 and stay on the A 14 at Schkeuditzer junction until Parthenaue junction, follow the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32). Follow the B2/95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the festival signs.

By camper van, please take the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32). Follow the B2/95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the festival signs.


Like every year, a parking fee of 5 € must be paid when entering the car park. Please have the exact amount ready.

The German Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies on the entire festival grounds.

Please note that the car park is not supervised.

Parking spaces will be allocated, please follow the instructions of Security at all times. In the interests of all visitors, it is important to leave the access roads as quickly as possible. Parking and camping are separate. To ensure the comfort of all visitors, all car parks on the grounds of the Störmthaler See will be transformed into campsites, and the car parks will be moved to the surrounding area. This will lead to a few changes, which you should consider when planning your trip: A special parking area/campsite will be set up for camper vans, caravans and self-designed sleeper vehicles, which will require a “camper sticker”.


No types of trailers that are attached behind a car are allowed on the campsite (not even temporarily) and must be parked in the car park.


In the event of a breakdown please first contact the traffic management service. At certain times, quick breakdown help can be arranged on-site in cooperation with the ADAC, subject to a charge. To make it easier to find your broken-down car in the dark, please switch on the hazard lights of your car or a neighbouring vehicle.


Motorbike riders may use the caravan spaces free of charge (i.e. they may park their bike next to their tent).




If the parking spaces have become very wet due to persistent rain, we request that you drive as carefully as possible across these spaces when arriving and departing.

We will always try to provide you with the best possible parking space, but we also rely on your cooperation. Please always follow the instructions of our staff and have patience in the event of any unexpected delays when parking or departing.


Unfortunately, bad weather can sometimes cause one or two cars to get stuck. In the event of persistent rain that affects the driveability of the grounds, we can contact a tow truck at your request, free of charge. In such cases, please ensure that you comply with the following:

  • The tow trucks organised by use are marked accordingly: the drivers wear jackets bearing our logo, the trucks bear a flag with our logo, and a number.
  • The tow trucks organised by us DO NOT accept any money! (Should you notice a tow truck that is not marked, and/or which demands payment, please note the registration number and inform us immediately via our social media channels!)
  • Prepare the tow bar on your car and switch on your hazard lights.
  • Have patience -> if it is really wet, the tow truck organise by us must also work carefully, and cannot tow everyone at once.
  • We accept no liability for towing vehicles – even though we establish the contact, the towing process occurs at your own responsibility and at the risk of the visitor.