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Ticket platform online

Off we go on our wild ride! The ticket platform is now online. You can swap your tickets to 2021 or choose one of the other two options. The exact options are explained below and the link to the ticket platform can be found at the bottom of this news.

Truth to be told: We miss you already terribly. That's why we would be very happy if you simply swap your ticket to 2021 and celebrate with us next year. This also offers the chance for us and all the artists* that we can plan ahead. And have we already mentioned that you will get an exclusive  supporter shirt free of charge on top of that? 

The options

Swap your ticket!
You just want to celebrate twice as extravagantly next year? Excellent - because we do too! Simply rewrite your ticket to 2021 for free and get an exclusive supporter shirt on top!

By the way, rewriting is not only the most rewarding, but also the most helpful action if you want to help the festival, artist and concert industry.

You can't visit us next year, but you are longing for concerts? Then get a voucher worth your ticket value, which you can redeem for almost all concerts and festivals of FKP Scorpio at! This option helps us to be able to organize festivals, concerts and shows in the future.

However, if you want to get your money back in full, you can have your (unredeemed) voucher paid out in full after 31.12.2021.

Money back!
During the past weeks you have been very patient with us and that's why we would like to return this solidarity. We have decided to offer a money-back-option beyond the legal requirements. However, as we also feel obliged to our partners, we will retain a sum of €10,- per Festival Pass with this form of refund, which will be donated 100% to our friends of Viva con Agua.

IMPORTANT: You have to choose one of the three options by 21.6.2020!

We have also provided you with extensive FAQs that are constantly updated:
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