Beck's presents


Still looking for the perfect festival dress? At Bravado you will find all kinds of M'era Luna-merchandise!
My tent has already been pitched!
You don't have an own tent at hand or you're not keen on carrying or pitching all the camping equipment by yourself? Then you're in good hands of the crew of mein-zelt-steht-schon! They not only have tents and other camping accessories to rent, but they're also assembling this stuff. So you just have to arrive at Highfield, move into the tent and start to party!
The SafeBOXes by BigBoxBerlin are the festival locker and charging station in one! The sea containers with their lockers in two sizes can be found directly at the entrance to the concert area (infield).

The lockers offer enough space for valuables, jackets, bags, backpacks or electronic devices. No matter which time or weather, BigBoxBerlin provides a 24 hour support and you can get access to your locker at every time and also charge your mobile phone.

Go to and order a festival locker for Highfield 2019!

Your advantages:
  • Safety first! Secure storage of your valuables in the 7 ton steel safe!
  • Give me more energy! There is a socket in each locker.
  • 24 hour access and support - go to your locker whenever you want!
  • The size makes the difference! Choose between two locker sizes that are right for you!
  • No worries! The contents of each locker is insured with up to 500 EUR!
Location and opening hours:
The BOXen crew offers 24-hour support from Thursday 11:00 to Monday, 12:00. You have access to your locker whenever you want. The SafeBOXes can be found directly at the entrance to the concert area (infield).

Of course there are also tickets for the entire period or for individual days on site. However, as the capacity is limited, it is advisable to make an early online reservation.